Lemon Pop Tarts

I made this recipe from the start (dough and filling) to the finished product. I am very happy with how it looks, but I regret not stopping and taking the time to take more pictures of the process. Originally the recipe called for a cherry filling, but as I had to use lemons in my recipe for my school assignment, I decided to make the filling with lemons instead of cherries. I also decided to get a little creative and added lemon zest into the dough. I remember being indecisive and taking forever to decide what to do with the filling – use oranges, lemon, and cherries or just lemons. I decided to make the pop tart because it had several steps that I usually do not do during a simpler recipe eg) chocolate chip cookies. One of the methods that I used was forking the edges and top, something I learned in class to make sure the tarts would not explode in the oven 🙂

Thank you for taking your time to read my comments on my experience regarding this recipe! 🙂


Below is a picture of my finished product.


Here is the link to my recipe:



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