Lemon Pop Tarts

I made this recipe from the start (dough and filling) to the finished product. I am very happy with how it looks, but I regret not stopping and taking the time to take more pictures of the process. Originally the recipe called for a cherry filling, but as I had to use lemons in my…

French Breakfast Puffs

These delicious breakfast puffs taste just like cinnamon sugar donuts! Even if you don’t like cinnamon sugar, you can eat this without the cinnamon sugar and it would still taste AMAZING!! Here’s a picture of the French Breakfast Puffs right after they came out of the oven! In the top right corner of the picture…


Lefse is a Norwegian type of flat bread with containing potato. It is very thin and delicious and I definitely recommend it! Our batch of mashed potatoes: A picture of our Lefse cooking   After, you can smear some butter or margarine on top and enjoy! lefse recipe

Hoddeok (Hotteok)

Hoddeok is a Korean style pancake. My team and I tried out this recipe a couple of weeks ago and we thought it was pretty good! There is brown sugar AND walnuts on the inside which makes it sweet and tasty, and the outside looks delicious with it’s golden brown surface! This isn’t a recipe…

Naan Bread

This is our first take on international bread! Naan bread is usually served with South Asian food. This dish is similar to pita bread, but also different in many ways. Below are some pictures of the process of making Naan bread and the finished product! Enjoy!! 🙂 Process of cooking: Finished product: Recipe link: naan…

Mini Cheesecakes

Delicious, sweet, and no – there is no cheese in this dessert. But there is cream cheese! 😉 You’ll fall in love – at first bite!   Here is the finished product! Try the recipe out!! mini_cheesecakes_recipe (1)

Chocolate Souffle

CHOCOLATE. IS. THE. BEST. Added into a souffle?? Even better. This delicious dessert will make your heart flutter and hope for more. It may not be as healthy as the other posts in my blog, but having a cheat day here and there is no problem!! Try out the recipe! chocolate_souffle

Creme Brule

This dessert tastes amazing!! It’s sweetness is refreshing and they are fun to make especially if you have a blowtorch 😉 Finished product. Try it out! You’re going to love it. crème_brule_recipe

Blueberry Crepes

Yes, my second post that consists of blueberries. because – of course they’re delicious!! Now added into crepes? EVEN BETTER. Here’s a tip – make sure you have enough oil when making this dessert in the pan, because it’ll stick and burn and it won’t expand if you don’t have enough. But, if you add…

Blueberry Turnover

One word – blueberries. Yet it has more than one meaning! – healthy, delicious, sweet!   Here are the pictures – before & after going in the oven.   Try the recipe yourself & ENJOY!!! blueberry_turnover

Phyllo Quiche

Fun to make and healthy! This bake is tasty and the phyllo is delicious after being cooked. Here’s a picture before we put it in the oven. Try it yourself and enjoy! 🙂 phyllo_quiche  


These are super healthy and delicious. I love the ricotta and spinach mix, it makes my tummy happy!! Here is a photo of the pastry before I put it in the oven. Here is a photo of the outcome. Delicious! Try it yourself! Click the link for the recipe and enjoy!! calzone_recipe